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Vampire Slayer fun !!!

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Just a little something for you to have a Laugh at!!



Dracula's out on the town looking for fresh blood. He spends the night drinking Bloody Marys and biting the necks of the unsuspecting females.


     Just before sunrise, He's walking home and is suddenly hit on the shoulder. He whirls around as fast as he can but sees nothing. He looks down at the ground and sees a small sausage roll. He carries on walking and a few yards on - WHAM! He's hit on the shoulder again. He whirls around as fast as he can but sees nothing. He looks at the floor and finds a small triangular sandwich. He carries on and sure enough, a few yards on WHAM! With a swish of his cape, he spins around and suddenly feels a sharp pain in his heart. He peers down to see a cocktail stick filled with cheese and pickles. He looks back up to see a young woman looking down at him, with his last dying breath, he grasps, "WHO ARE YOU?" she replied "I'M BUFFET THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" !!!!



The true me