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I have 2 lovely cute Yorkshire Terriers that i love very much!


         Cindy is also a Yorkshire Terrier But i didn't get her until she was approx 2 years and now she's the same as age as Trudy except for a couple of months, ..  Cindy is long haired and is Blonde with Tan markings , She's also a lap dog but this time i can honestly say she was like that when i got her...LOL
         Trudy and Cindy often have their off days when they don't seem to get on with each other, but they seem to be ok most of the time  .. Cindy is the shy dog because when anyone calls at the house off she goes to hide , it looks so sweet sometimes!!Yet another little lap dog for mum,it's hard to find room to sit down when they sit together,2 tiny dogs, taking up all the settee.....LOL


      The best exercise for a Yorkshire Terrier is approx 10 minutes twice each day because you've always got to remember that they only have little legs and so they can't walk very far or fast., plus it gives us chances to exercise ..LOL or once each day  and sometime during the day throw there  favourite toy around the house/garden for them to fetch because sometimes they'd much rather play and it helps you if your having a lazy day ..LOL

        Trudy is a Yorkshire Terrier the first one i've ever had, she's approx 4 years of age, She is Dark Brown with Tan markings and she's what you call a short haired dog , Trudy would much rather eat ,play and do anything that we like to do,not like some dogs.. she's not one for sitting in her own bed but i guess thats my fault because i've always treat her like a baby making her into  mum's little lap dog...LOL
           I think at heart she's a little choc fan on the side because as soon as she gets the smell of it, off she goes . I wouldn't say that Trudy is a shy dog but she can be if and when , but i guess all dogs can be just the same...


Trudy and Cindy ..!!!

   Yorkshire Terriers as you can see are lovely little dogs that are more like puppies in every sence of the word,, but you at least know that if you need to be protected in anyway they'll be there for you as your trusted little guard dog, all they ask from you is a little love and affection and a space on your lap and some (TLC).

A picture showing who's the boss !!

      Although they sleep alot, eat very little, bark/yap , when it comes to house training they take much longer to train than most other dogs, as they have very little muscle control and this is the reason for the training taking longer so always make sure you have plenty of paper to hand for little accidents.

 I was browsing the internet and came across this cool picture that i thought was
 Please enjoy !!!!