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'These are my feelings'

     Happiness is the best thing in the whole world, the joy to have good health and a strong heart to help friends in need with a shoulder to cry on when needed, the well being and caring nature whilst for others to share your kindness, the loveable way that we all can be together happy and in love, the spirit of life's long love is there for us all in friends and loved ones and all these rounded up together make the biggest gift ever 'HAPPINESS'

                       Written by Anne



Different individuals and groups of people may have different ideas with regard to the best ways of achieving happiness. These may be classified as follows:

1 Happiness in Wealth;

Wealth is, probably, the element mostly associated, if not synonymous, with happiness as many people think. These understanding so deep-rooted in the hearts of so many, to the extent that almost everywhere peoples are engrossed in the acquisition of wealth. They look towards wealth as the primal constituent of happiness to the point that for them the two are entwined

2 Happiness in Rank and position;

Could real happiness be attained through the acquirement of high rank or position in society? Too much the answer is in the affirmative. This is apparently due to lack of deep insight in the nature of rank or position and the responsibilities that they involve. In Islam, holding any position, rank or office is first and foremost regarded as a trust and, therefore, constitutes an obligation, and a legal as well as moral responsibility. Therefore, those to be entrusted with such roles could only be citizens who are possessed of unquestionable competence, integrity and virtue. Only a righteous and competent person can shoulder responsibility and use his position or office for public welfare.

3 Happiness Educational achievements;

It is only by doing so that a persons intellect gets a complete nourishment and his intellectual life becomes enriched so as to be constructive and useful. It is only by such integration of the intellectual and the spiritual values that the persons internal nature becomes sound, healthy and happy. However, if knowledge and scientific research are taken as an end in themselves at the cost of faith, moral and spiritual values, then even the most learned man would unhappily" be regressed to "the lowest of the low despite any qualifications, degrees, credentials and honours he may have possessed. While advancement in knowledge and science alone may work well when it comes to the treatment of matter, yet, it could not be taken as conclusive.

4 Happiness in Fame;

How much happiness do the "famous" men and women in activities enjoy? Let us take a brief look at each of these two activities in turn.

Physical exercises and sporting activities are valuable things in themselves, but they should only be taken for what they are worth, i.e. to prepare our minds and bodies for the more serious matters of life. But to some this a source of happiness

Entertainment namely, film and stage actors, singers, dancers, etc. Is the world of entertainment a source of true happiness?

Far from the common man, it is surprising how many people still equate happiness with fun. The truth of the matter, however, is that fun and happiness has little or nothing in common. The correct and logical conclusion would be that fun is what we experience during an act, while happiness is what we experience after an act. It is a deeper, more enduring, more meaningful and more abiding emotion. Going to an amusement park or to a ball game, watching a movie or television are fun activities that "may" help someone to relax. One may temporarily forget his problems and even may laugh. But these are things that do not and could not definitely bring any real happiness to the person because their positive effects usually last only as long as the fun lasts.

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