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Thank you to Mark for sharing these wonderful poems..

My Dear Mother by “her” son, Mark Wolf 7-17-01

My dear Mother gave me life, with love for her son.

Taught, comforted, fed and bathed me when done.

<>She gave me everything, asking nothing in return.

Took me from infant to toddler with her motherly concern.

<>T’was time to leave; Kindergarten, four hours without her.

She worried, stayed busy to pass time; not out of character.

<>I made the transition, due to her reassurances.

“She’d always be there and love me.”, positive recurrences.

<>Mother made school, a home away from home.

Everyone knew her; school was a safety zone.

<>She made sure I knew God, go to church and feel comfortable there.

We’d go pray every Sunday; learned forgiveness and to share.

<>Thanks to her I had it all, with little income nothing was amiss.

Education, religion, love and laughter; life could be no more bliss.

<>T’was time to leave; high school wasn’t a big step.

“Sis” led the way, four followed and Mom still had “pep”.

<>My dear Mother always teaching, encouraging and loving.

She was totally involved in our lives, always “mothering”.

<>No wonder she was proud, wouldn’t let us “piddle”.

We graduated with honors, she’d settle for nothing little.

<>Time to leave again, she understood our Nation’s “calling”.

So we talked, made promises and did a little bawling.

<>This time the distance greater, unlike the mile to school.

After Texas training, going overseas was the rule.

<>She was there for me, thru good and bad times.

Many miles from home, I sure used many dimes.

<>She was there at my side, thru the “Dear John Letter”.

I didn’t handle it well, but time let me get better.

<>Not alone! Again she held me up, I felt her presence and love.

She laid the bricks; although I strayed, her teachings soared above.

<>I probably disappointed her, made her angry or shed many tears.

That hurts now, no good reasons; she taught me better over the years.

<>With Mother aging; I still haven’t done my best.

Others say I’ve got the ability, to change so she can rest.

<>I feel a need to promise her this, “I’ll sit up straight and refuse to fall.”

“Rest assured, dear Mother, I’ll rise above and not be small.”

<>“I see the error of my ways, sorry I let you down...”

“Please sleep sound tonight, and throw away that frown!”

<>I may not have said it enough or ever, tis true...

“You know I love you, but I speak of the “THANK-YOU!”

Secrecy ! by Mark A. Wolf 07-02-01

By itself, it isn’t such an evil word,
doesn’t usually travel, via "a little bird" …
yet when they escape, they’re so absurd!

A secret is that, when only one knows,
here lies the problem, that ONE always grows …
and they usually return, to bite your nose.

Everyone knows one, til they tell another,
one grows to two, each to their brother …
and we know it’s wrong, just go ask your mother.

"Secret" is a cover, for what is called “rumor“,
since gossip is wrong, Abby says much firmer …
a secret’s okay, tis done for our humor.

They usually hurt, when they’re let out,
others end up wanting to scream and shout …
they’re better off refused, without a doubt.

How to stop them, that we must ask,
it’s not very difficult, not a big task …
jot it down & throw it away……
Or tell it to a mask !

Wick The Royal Candle Maker


Beverly Fearon

    The kingdom had many tales about the candlemaker. Some said he was an evil troll, or a wicked ogre, but most people whispered that he was an enchanted willow tree. Indeed, he looked very much like an old dead tree. His skin was knotty and grey, his back was bent as if it had been a tree trunk that had grown up against a strong wind. His hands and fingers were twisted as the limbs of an old dead branch.None of the tales about Wick were true, especially the ones that said he was evil. In fact he was so gentle and kind that whenhe took his daily walks in the forest the squirrels, racoons and deer walked with him. And sometimes when he was very sad a unicorn would come from its hiding place and nuzzle Wick as he walked along his usual path. Wick loved all of his animal friends, but the only thing he ever wanted was a human friend he could talk with. But alas, all the people in the kingdom were so afraid of his ugly appearance that they never would come near him. His loneliness was very deep, but he still had a glimmer of hope in his heart. And this hope was to someday make a candle so beautiful that someone would know what a good heart he had inside. As the years passed Wick made many wondrous candles. People came from miles around just to marvel at the candles in the shop window. But still no one ever dared to be his friend. The last tiny spark of hope had almost faded from his heart when one day something happened to revive his hope once again.

   It was early in the morning when the little bell on Wick’s shop door jingled. A knight in full armor came in and placed a piece of paper on Wick’s counter. When the knight left, Wick came out from behind the curtain to his work room. He looked at the paper with wonder and saw that it was an official letter from the King himself. Wick read it with his hands shaking with excitement. "King Sterling the Fourteenth desires the Candle Maker called Wickto take on a most important task. To make ten candles for the Royal birthday cake for Royal Prince Sterling the Fifteenth. His Royal birthday is a week from Tuesday. Royal Gratitude, Royally Signed, His Royal Majesty, King Sterling the Fourteenth" Wick couldn’t believe his eyes. The king wanted him to make the candles for the prince! He put the paper down and set to work at once. All the while hoping that this would be his chance to finally win a friend. After days of careful and loving work the candles were finished. They were so beautiful that Wick was even surprised. The foot high candles were white and gold unicorns dancing in a magical pond. After putting on his hood that he always wore when he went out, he placed the candles carefully in a wooden box and placed the box in a wagon and stepped out of his front door. When he was halfway to the royal cake baker’s shop he heard a terrible crash coming from the direction of the castle.

   Wick ran towards the castle to see what happened. When he was only a few yards from the edge of the moat he saw a dreadful sight! A tremendous golden-orange dragon had landed on the draw bridge. The dragon was sitting almost knee to nose with none other than the King himself! King Sterling the Fourteenth was shrieking with his hands clasped firmly over his eyes. Fire was spewing out of the dragon's mouth right over the King's head towards a band of terrified knights. These knights were shooting arrows and whacking at the great beast's scaly legs with their broadswords. Wick shuddered at the terrible sight. Wick knew he had to do something or the King would be bar-b-qued lunch for the great beast. Then he noticed the terrible wounds on the dragon’s legs and got an idea that made him tremble. But frightened or not, Wick saw that it was up to him to try. With his knees shaking, Wick walked up to the dragon, tore his shirt sleeve and started to clean the dragon’s bleeding knees. The beast immediately stopped breathing fire and looked at the candle maker. Wick's heart stopped. He thought surely that he was about to be roasted. But to Wick's surprise a tear welled up in the corner of the dragon’s eye. It rolled down the scaly nose and fell, klunk, on the king’s head (for of course everyone knows that a dragons tears always turns to diamonds). Luckily the king was wearing his crown or the tear would have knocked the king out cold.

   The dragon then began to speak in great sobs. "No human has ever shown me so much kindness," the beast wept. The knights dropped their weapons and stared. The King looked up, his mouth gaped open till his crown fell off his royal head. "Why did you come here?" Wick asked as he tried to stop the next tear from hitting the now unprotected King’s head. "I came to find some candles for my little brother’s birthday cake," The great beast sobbed. "I thought that if anyone would have candles it would be a king. But when I landed on the draw bridge to borrow them, all these mean men rushed up and started to hurt me." Then the dragon leaned over to get a better look at Wick. "Oh great dragon,? Wick called as he bowed tothe dragon," "I am the candle maker for this kingdom. I would be glad to help you.? Wick opened the box of candles he had made for the Prince. When the dragon saw how beautiful they were he bowed to Wick (which, of course, is something a dragon almost never does.) Then the beast properly introduced himself. "I am Orgon the Orange" he bellowed as he bowed again to Wick. I would be honored if you would come to my a brother’s birthday party today."

      Wick had never, ever been invited to any birthday party. Now to be invited to a dragon’s birthday party was beyond his wildest dreams. Wick, of course, cordially accepted. Orgon offered to fly Wick to the party on his back. Wick was now shaking more with excitement than fear. The beast waited patiently while Wick tried to find a comfortable spot between the shimmery wings. Wick grabbed hold of one of the spikes on Orgon's neck. Then he remembered the prince. "Your majesty, he called to the king, please take your son to my shop and let him choose any candles he wants for his birthday cake." The king just nodded nervously. Wick turned to the dragon and called out, "I’m ready." The dragon spread his wings and lifted ever so gently into the air with Wick on his back and the box of candles in his claw All the knights and the King stared with their mouths wide open while the dragon rose out of sight. Orgon and Wick soared through the sky until they came to a vast cave. As they came in for a landing inside the cave, Wick saw two more huge dragons. They were sitting around the largest birthday cake he had ever seen. When Wick jumped down Orgon pointed at the green dragon. "This is my elder brother Greegon the Green and this is Purgon the Purple," he said pointing to the smaller purple dragon. Wick bowed low and said, "I am so happy to meet you." The other two dragons just stared at Wick.

    Orgon opened the box and showed his brothers what Wick had made. "Brothers, Orgon began, "this is the man who made these candles for Purgon’s cake." The dragons began to stare at Wick even harder. "Thank-you for your kindness," Greegon said, as he put the candles on the gigantic cake. Then the party began. Orgon used just the right amount of fiery breath to light the candles without setting the cake on fire. Then they all sang Happy Birthday to Purgon. Greegon cut the cake and served a piece to everyone, including Wick. The three dragons had so much fun with Wick that they begged him to come and live with them forever. Wick was glad that he had finally found some friends he could talk with. But he also knew that the people in the kingdom needed him to make candles for them. He proposed a plan where Orgon would bring him whenever there was a birthday. They all agreed. When all was settled they sat around the fireplace telling stories of their many adventures. Wick told them about the trouble he had making friends.

   The dragons agreed that it was hard when people were afraid of you and won’t be your friend because of what you look like. Then Orgon’s face lit up. He had a mischievous look in his eyes. "When I bring you back to your shop, how about if I blow a little fire around, then you command me to stop. It will be lots of fun for me and it will make you a hero." The other dragons cheered at the idea. Wick wasn't sure he wanted to scare anyone, but it is never a good idea to argue with a dragon, even if he is your best friend. The dragon lifted into the air with Wick holding on tight. He glided above the meadow and lakes until they were hovering over the candle shop. As Orgon circled above the candle shop they saw the King’s procession waiting below. Orgon took a deep breath and blew fire just around the crowd of people. Everyone scattered into the forest. Wick in his most convincing voice shouted, "Please don't hurt my King, most great dragon. When they had landed Wick jumped down. He turned to the dragon, gave him a wink and called out, "Be gone, great beast." The dragon winked back at Wick, spread his wings and flew up into the air. As soon as Orgon was out of sight, the King and his royal following came out from behind the trees. King Sterling had a velvet box in his hand. When he came close to Wick he opened the box. Inside was a large golden medal tied with a blue ribbon. The King began to speak "For your bravery I now give you this royal medal and officially declare that Wick the Candle Maker will forever live and work in the royal castle." A cheer went up in the crowd. The King raised his hand and all were quiet. "There is a royal festival in honor of this good candle maker waiting for his arrival at the royal palace" Everyone is invited to royally celebrate. Wick was escorted by Prince Sterling the Fifteenth to a carriage that had been prepared just for him. Everyone cheered and waved as the carriage passed by them. Wick waved at them with a tear in his eye and a smile of joy on his face.

Thanks Bev for your wonderful story :)

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