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About Me !!!

The meaning of my 'Name'

 I'm 39 , 5f  8" tall with long curly golden hair , green eye's , pale complexion, medium build ... I'm a carer and enjoy it very much !!
     When I started High School I enjoy Home Economics and I finished off my 2 last years doing my GCSE, as you can guess I can just about cook most things because i've always love cooking and I do it as a hobbie too...

     I also did dancing and every year I entered the Summer and Christmas production in dancing, one of which was Westside Story. In my final 2 years at school I decided to enter GCSE in dance, which meant learning different routines both group and solo. For my final grade I had to choose my own music and dance routine, the music I chose was Woman by John Lennon !!!



'Smarties with smiles'
who could eat them now?

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My Friends Pictures !

   I love to receive funny pictures from friends so I can share them with others and this picture is one I was sent from a good friend.. If anyone out there as any pictures that they would like to be featured on my page please feel free to email them to me and you may see them at some point in the future !!!

    I have quite alot of hobbies because i'm the type of woman who likes to try everything at least once..LOL These are some of my hobbies Needle work, Knitting Clowns and Crafts... I also like to walk and take in the countryside. After a bad day I tend to relieve a little tension by having a game on my playstation, I enjoy playing TEKKEN, DRIVER , CRASH BANDICOOT ETC

Favorite Movies
          Lord of The Rings, Leathal Weapon / Die Hard / Beverly Hills Cops, The Guru, You've Got Mail, The Bone Collector, Armageddon, Bridget Jones's Diary and at the moment Signs..
but I do also enjoy .. COMEDY, ACTION and HORROR..

Favorite Music
I like anything from the 60's upto the present day , but my all time FAV'S are.... Savage Garden, since they split the lead singer Darren Hayes,  As it is I enjoy listening to... ROCK, POP, LOVE SONGS, MOTOWN ETC..

 Favorite TV
       I'm the kinda lady that loves to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dark Angel and Charmed... They are all in away related to supernatural but believe me they are all fun to watch anything like that is ok by me...LOL but truthfully I also enjoy ..COMEDY and MYSTERY.


     To all family, friends and visitors to this page, I hope your enjoying my site so far and as you can see this little guy on the left is doing all the hard work around here, so I would like you all to meet my Secretary :) Ok if only ...LOL
      It would've be great because he can type quicker than me and I'd get alot more done around here..LOL
     Anyway enough joking around, enjoy the rest of my site and all take care ..

My Yorkshire Terries..


      This is a picture of my two Yorkshire Terries... the one on the right is Called Cindy and the left is Trudy, they are both very playful dogs but Trudy is more so... saying that Cindy is the noisy one of the two plus she likes to hide when someone comes into the house, they're both such lovely dogs which makes them more think babies to me than pets, maybe you can guess by that comment what it's like to look after them both...LOL
     Alot of people say they're more like slippers or a pair of ear muffs because of the way they look and the size but to me they are the best ever and cutest pets around :)

Knitted Clowns ..


      As I mentioned above one hobby of mine is knitting these exciting and humorous clowns, they are really fun to do, but they need lots of patience, because they can take weeks, even months to finish. Like everything it goes on how much time you spend on them at any one time.

    This is just one of the clowns I have knitted for an example so you can get an idea of what time and effort goes into making them, they stand approx. 9" in height and are usually very colourful, the clowns each have their own interests and names to describe what they are doing and as you can imagine, they all have cool and funny names..These are just just a couple of names they have,, Godfrey Gadabout .. He’s a traveller,, O Yummy .. He's a baker and green grocer,, Bertie Bloomer .. He’s a gardener and Jingle Bells is for Christmas..

These are a couple of pictures and brief comments on my favourite TV programmes ..


      Buffy's the chosen one who has the strength to defeat Vampires and Demons, the evil dead, if thats what you can call them ..LOL
     Buffy lives in Sunny Dale, where she found her destiny as the slayer. She patrols the local area each evening,, her close friends help her where they can.. the meeting place for the group is the school library, most other people class them as ""bookworms"" and werirdo's,, but little did they know about the truth,, it wasn't until later on  that people learned what she was, and after saving the school prom  from invation of demons, she was awarded a special award,, the "saviour and bravery award", a thank you from the local town and children who were so moved by her courage and faith in her work.
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     Angel is a spin off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, He started off in Buffy, as a good Vampire with a soul. Angel used to help Buffy defeat the Demons etc, he just had a problem which was that he started to fall in love with Buffy, so he decided it would be better for them both if he moved away .
       So he moved to L.A. and started is own P.I. company called Angels investigations, where over the course of time, he met up with others who had decided also to move from Sunny Dale and they joined his company and as they knew about his vampire background, knew what was to happen in certain areas and did what he couldn't during the day, so that meant his "office" was open 24 hours a day with someone nearby.
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More Hobbies I enjoy..

    One of my hobbies are watching movies, I've been collecting videos for years now and I've manage to get myself a pretty good collection with some of the stars you can see if you click on the link below, at the moment I've got about 2 hundred videos approx and only 43 dvd's but I haven't had my player for long so I guess it won't be long before I catch up... LOL In time i will keep adding more and more information, but don't worry i'll keep you informed of any progress as i recieve and add...

    If you would like to check out my new site about Movie stars and look at some funny star pictures..Please click on the link below


The true me