My night out with the 70's

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I was treated to a night out to a 70’s concert and to anyone that knows these groups you’ll understand my delight.. SAILOR, RUBETTES and top billing SWEET. It was the best night I’d had in a while. The songs that were played was…


Girls Girls Girls, A Glass of Champagne. One Drink Too Many, Stilletto Heels and Traffic Jam

Sailer, After forming in 1973, quickly became one of the most exciting innovative and original bands of the 1970's and it wasn't too long before their distinctive records were at the top of the charts in the UK, South Africa, Australia and all over Europe.



Sugar Baby Jive, Juke Box Jive, I can Do It Baby I Know, Tonight, Foer-Dee-O-Dee

In the autumn of 1973, Wayne Bickerton then head of the A & R at Polydor Records, gathered together several top session musicians and singers at Landsdown Studios in Holland Park , London to record a number of songs, three of which were later to become international 'Hits' for the then ' unconceived' and as of yet 'unheard of' Rubettes.



Blockbuster, The Ballroom Blitz, Fox On The Run’ Go-Go,

Hell Raiser, Teenage Rampage, Wig-Wam-Bam

The sweet made some of the most enduring and influential music of the 70's, 80's and 90's. They have sold in excess of thirty million records and are still a 'live' touring band. There is so much more to sweet than just the GLAM-ROCK era, their music is timeless and all encompassing. From pure pop to heavy metal, from three chord wonders like 'Little Willy' to the highly intricate arrangement of 'Love is Like Oxygen'.



My night out with the 60's

   I went to a 60’s concert and the top and bottom of this message is that it was absolutely amazing. I wasn’t born until 1967 but I was brought up on this music because my parents listened to it a lot. There were 4 groups and they were sensational… The groups are as followed Barron Knights, Fortunes, Marmalade and The Tremeloes...


MARMALADE is one of Scotland’s most successful and long lasting groups. Of course Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da was their big number one and charted for 20 weeks in 1968.They were making hits right up to 1976 when ‘FALLING APART AT THE SEAMS’ reached number 9 in the UK charts. In between that time they spent120 more weeks in the charts with REFLECTIONS and ‘LOVING THINGS’.


The Fortunes

THE FORTUNES are one of the UK’s premier harmony groups. A string of hit records including YOU’VE GOT YOUR TROUBLES, and HERE IT COMES AGAIN FREEDOM COME FREEDOM GO, have stood the test of time and still top the playlists on any radio station. Ask any Sixties group who they most admire for their vocal talents and the Fortunes would come out on top. Their last CD sold over 100,000 copies and ‘It’s the real thing’ Coca-Cola add is of course sung by the Fortunes.


  The Barron Knights
THE BARRON KNIGHTS have for the past Ten years toured their own Two hour concert in all four corners of the world and call on the groups was their first million seller followed by another 12 massive hits right up to 1980. They spoofed the sixties groups and as soon as a new group hit the charts they would call the Barron Knights asking to be spoofed as they felt it such an honour. 300 Palladium shows Four Royal shows including Buckingham Palace touring with the Beatles and Two tours with the Rolling stones has given them the title the ‘Guvnors’.


The Tremeloes

THE TREMELOES must certainly be documented as one of the most successful rock/pop bands in music history. 21 hit records in every territory including America is endorsement enough of their superb talent. SILENCE IS GOLDEN, SUDDENLY YOU LOVE ME, EVEN THE BAD TIMES ARE GOOD are just a taster of what’s to come from this great act. They rarely have time to appear in Package shows but couldn’t miss the chance to play along side their great friends and contemporaries The Barron Knights, Fortunes and Marmalade.


Barron Knights, Fortunes, Marmalade and Tremeloes

I’ve never seen so many top groups club together and end up on stage together at the end of the night! This made it better than ever because they all finished the night of entertaining us with the Guitarists doing a great rocking quartet, Barron Knights Butch Baker and Tremoloe Rick West hitting you with a rare moment performing together. At the end of the evening all for groups did a tribute of their songs over all. Not only did these 4 groups have Sixties success but all four groups had hits in the Seventies too.



The true me

Bob and Butch

  At the interval I had the chance to speak to Barron Knights ‘Butch Baker’ and Fortunes ‘Bob Jackson’. You couldn't believe my joy..LOL

The true me