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   I hope you enjoy browsing around my site because there's lots to see, to view the other pages on my homepage just click on the links and you'll also find links around the pages to take you further within this site...
   Some of the extra pages to this site are .. The Meaning of my Name , Star Pics with Biograghy and Filmograghy, Life's long dreams, In memory of Glenn Quinn on Angel page, Banner exchange, Competition Awards, Blue Concert pic's, My Radio, More about the month November, Christmas, Valentine, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter and One-stop voting page, Halloween, Bonfire Night.
I'm always adding so please come back soon :0) 
    For any friends that would like to add anything to my site I’ve just started a friend’s page and that’s for me to add anything of yours for others to see. All you have to do is send to me and I’ll add it to my friend’s page.. so please have ago and give me a chance. I’m doing my best to promote your poems, stories, music etc.. What ever it is just give me chance.
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Me and my brother...

      My name is Anne; I've lived in the UK all my life. I have a twin brother who is slightly older than me by a few minutes; we were born on the 7th of November 1967.. I'm the shy one of the two but I think I like it that way because I don't think I have the personality and courage of my brother and being quiet and withdrawn that’s the best way to describe my shyness. I enjoy making friends on the internet because I find it hard talking to people face to face, I don't know what anyone else thinks, but being on the internet I get to talk to lots of great people and that’s something I wouldn't normally be able to I love the idea that I can get to chat to people from all different countries and find out about the different Cultures, Interests and Lifestyles...

    I've had a computer for a while now and when I started people would have classed me as a computer DUMMY...LOL apart from having a 1 week course at the age of 16, I’d never used one before and now I’ve managed to build a Homepage and achieve lots of great things including having lots of interesting friends that I always enjoy catching up with.... The best thing about good friends is if you have any problems with my computer they're always willing to help where they can :0)

     If you would like to listen to some of my favourite tunes whilst browsing through my site.. click on a link below and enjoy :0)

Dreaming of you

We've only just begun

I'm all out of love

Endless love

It must have been Love

Whats forever for


More about me

Signed Picture

   When I were younger I did training for First Aid, Fire Fighting, Phonetic Alphabet, Morse Code etc, during this time I met people like Charlie Williams (Comedian), Prince Philip (The Duke of Edinburgh) and a vast amount of other stars.
    At 12 yr. old I won a First Aid competition with Saint Johns Ambulance which was in the local paper and when I was 17 I started collecting autograghs..1 of which was Joey from a British comedy called Bread.
   The picture above is an Autograph from a TV star from years ago and the TV program was 'Crossroads' I wonder how many of you remember it?..LOL


'Things I've learnt in my teens'.. New Updates!


Please vote for my site!
If you would like to vote for my site you will find all competition links on my One-stop voting page below.. I would appreciate any support given :)




Messenger image..

   This is the picture that I use on my yahoo messenger. I surfed the Internet for days to find the best picture that describes my username.. I found a couple more but I thought this was the best all round. If anyone out there has seen anything like this that you may think I’ll be interested in ... Please could you send it to my email address which is on Contact Me PAGE.. :o) THANKS FOR ANY


Sign: Scorpion
Eliment: Water
Planet: Pluto
Gemsone: Opal
Flower: Carnation

    Fiery passion is the stock and trade of Scorpio. Anything in life is possible once your intense powers are given aim. The energies of your guiding Planet Pluto are characterized by the sweet, spicy musk fragrance formulated to enhance the Love, Power and Money aspects of your life.

'More about the month November'

History of 1967.. why not click on the links below to find out about the music and events of my birth year.



   The 'DREAMS' that come from an open fire..
 If there's anyone that as a long lived dream of a log cabin, open fire, lots of snow and no one around to bother you in anyway, click on the link below to read a poem from me and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

'Lifes long dreams'


My Radio Station
    As you can see by the musical notes below I’ve built myself a radio station and if you’d like to have a look and you have a Yahoo ID.. All you have to do is click on the image and it’ll take you to the Yahoo radio home page.

   You will find some free radio stations to listen to but if you would like to check out mine scroll down the page and where it says browse for a member just add goldenprincessus and that should take you to where you want to go. But other wise it’ll take you straight to the Launch page and all you have to do is Sign in with your Yahoo! ID + Password and that will start my radio station.. Please enjoy !!!

Click here to listen to my station..


Below is just a little something I composed for all my visitors to have a laugh at.. Please enjoy :0)


There was once a little yellow sweet

He wanted to go for a peep

He opened the door and fell to the floor

To see they were all faster asleep.


The little yellow sweet had a name

M&M he is called, what a pain

He stayed a while to sit on a tile

Whilst his friends decided to weep


M&M climb onto the table

Where he found what was called a cable

He followed it through; to what he thought was the loo

But he ended up blushing at 'YOU' !!!


     Written by Anne


Exchanging Banners 
 To anyone that would like to exchange banners .. please click on the link below to view my banner exchange page. If you would like your banner attached on my site, could you please send me your banner/link by mail and I'll add them to my site as soon as possible..




 I would like to thank all the judges of WOSIB for this lovely award. The award and comments you shared mean alot to me and I'm proud to add it to my site.
Thanks again !!!

     Could you please post any comments about this homepage, likes or dislikes, queries or even anything that you may think would make it more interesting and fun to look at, I'll do any necessary alterations needed as soon as possible. I would truly be grateful for any positive feedback ..As this is my first "BIG" homepage iIve tried to build and its always good to find out off others if anything needs to change or even be added :0)

   I'm trying to make this homepage as interesting as possible with different things to look at and hopefully with as much information as I possibly can, so as you can tell it looks like I’ll be working on it for a while yet, so if you call back again maybe it'll have improve greatly ...LOL

   Thank you for taking the time to look at my homepage and if you haven't already... please enjoy :0)


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