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   If you put bananas in the fridge the skins will darken, but the flash will stay firm.
    Tins are better than plastic boxes for storing cakes because plastic is porous and may not give an airtight seal, also because it tends to harbour smells.
    Don't store fruit cakes in a silver foil for a long time or the acid in the fruit may corrode the foil and form a mould.
    Store cartons of double or sour cream upside down in the fridgerator and they'll keep fresh longer.
Damp cupboard
   If your larder is damp, place a bowl of lime on a shelf to dry out the air.
Stock cubes
   Store stock cubes in the fridge and they'll be easier to crumble.
Tinned meat
   If you put a tin of ham or corned beef in the fridge for a few minutes before opening it, you'll find it easier to slice.
   Buy half-price chocolate from Christmas and Easter and use the chocolate for cooking.
    To reheat a meal of leftovers for one or two people thriftily, put them in separate jam jars and stand in simmering water in a large pan.
Pet food dishes
     Save polystyrene trays from supermarket meat to use as disposable pet food dishes..
Picnic bottles
     Save empty pill bottles and use them to take salad dressing or sauces on picnics.
Home-made scoop
    Plastic soft drinks bottles with handles can be cut up and used as scoops for sugar or flour.
Stale sandwiches
    Recycle stale sandwiches by dipping them in a mixture of 1 beaton egg with 3 tablespoons of milk. fry in oil or butter until golden on both sides.
Scrambled eggs
    Add a spoonful of white breadcrumbs to eggs before scrambling to improve the flavour and make the eggs go further.



   If your kitchen floor is dull after you have swept and mopped it, wipe over it again with a solution of white vinegar in warm water (a teacupful of vinegar to a bucket of water).


     Never put precious glass in the dishwasher: the detergent in the dishwasher powder may damage it, leaving filmy marks on the surface, which are impossible to remove.

Add vinegar to washing-up rinsing water to make glasses shine.


    If you hate cleaning graters, why not use a potatoe peeler instead to grate small amounts of chocolate or cheese.


   Prevent fur forming in a kettle by keeping several glass marbles in the bottom or wipe the inside regularly with a damp cloth.


   If food is spilled while cooking in the oven, sprinkle it with salt. Afterwards, when the oven is cool it’ll be easier to wipe clean.

Scrambled egg pans

     Avoid saucepan cleaning by scrambling eggs in a buttered basin standing in a pan of simmering water.


  If grease is splashed on the kitchen wallpaper, dab on a little talcum powder or French chalk. Repeat if necessary as it absorbs the grease, then brush off after a few hours.



   If you run out of plain chocolate when baking, use cocoa powder and melted butter instead (one teaspoon of butter will bind four tablespoons of cocoa).

Coffee filters

   If you run out of coffee filters, use a paper kitchen towel to filter your coffee instead.

Dried-up ham

   If sliced ham has gone hard you can revive it by soaking it in milk for a few minutes.

Fatty soups

   Use paper kitchen towels to soak up the fat from the surface of soups or stews.

Frozen drains

    Put a spoonful of cooking salt down drains last thing at night to prevent them freezing.


   To avoid accidents, make sure that the saucepan handles are turned inwards and not sticking out, when food is left cooking on the stove.


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