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Short description of Buffy.
      Sarah Michelle Gellar is the actress that plays the lead role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the ' Chosen One` to keep peace and the serenity over the Hellmouth, so there's not much leisure time in poor Buffy's life because she as to go out every evening to slay the Vampires which are trying to destroy and take away the good name of the ones that live in the residents of Sunnydale.

      Buffy was created as a Vampire Slayer, as, in all and every film made with Vampires and such creatures, there's a blonde who gets attacked and killed, hence the reason a Blonde Vampire Slayer. As quoted by joss when, during an interview.

A brief description of Sarah Michelle Gellar !!!

Sarah, was born on April 14th 1977 and spending 17yrs on the Upper East side of New York, she began her career like most actors doing commercials, it was not until 1993 when her acting talents were recognized for her role in All my children...

Also credits to Sarah include :-

For Films:- A woman named Jackie, I know what you did last summer, Scream II, Invasion of privacy, Funny Farm, High Stakes, Cruel Intentions, Simply Irresistable.

For TV :- general Hospital, Spencer for Hire, All my children, Swarms crossing, girl Talk, The Guiding Light, Love. Sidney..

Sarah is also a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and currently resides in Los Angeles

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1 When Angel was born he was named Liam and came from Galway in Ireland in the 18th century, he became undead in 1753 by is first love Darla after finding out she was a vampire. Angel got his soul back in 1898 by a gypsy family that cursed him as an act that would come back to haunt him for the rest of his life.

2 Angel got his first sight of Buffy at the start of the 1900s and hung around nearly a century so he could help her when she needs him.

3 Despite their age differences ( Buffy being in her teens and Angel was 25 but going on 300 in his lifetime), they became the hottest couple ever in Sunnydale.

4 Sadly, as soon as they let there love get the better of them, Angels curse turned him from a sensitive hunk into Angelus the evil vampire he used to be but in time Buffy had the chance to kill Angelus again and make it alright just like it was before.

5 After getting his soul and life back in a ritual involving slayers blood and some heavy-duty magic, angel decided the only thing he could do was to leave Sunnydale so Buffy could get on with the rest of her life and maybe find happiness with some one else. So he move to Los Angeles where he started up a detective agency call Angels Investigations and his own show..lol

6 He also ended up with his own A-team of sleuths to help him along the way Doyle, Cordelia and Wesley..

7 Cordelia moved to La around the same time as Angel in an unsuccessful bid to make it in Hollywood as a film star.

8 Doyle (half-human half-demon on his mothers side) had a vision about him helping Angel, so he tracked him down and convinced him theyd make a great team hed find the people that needed saving and Angel could save them. Sadly Doyle died but luckily he passed on his second sight to Cordelia with his dying kiss.

9 Cool, street-wise Charles Gunn joined the agency after helping Angel on his ongoing battle against demonic law firm Wolfram & Hart.

10 Cordelia saw the latest employee of Angels Fred Burkie in a vision. Fred a physics student, got sucked into a portal in her university library and ended up in Pylea - the home dimension to the host, who is a friendly demon singer and associate of Angel. Fred lived as a slave until she was rescued by the team.

11 Angels first love was brought back from Hell in a human form by Wolfram Hart to work against him, her mission was to stop Angel off meddling in there business.

12 Darla and Angel rekindled their love in a one-night stand, resulting in the birth of a son called Connor.

13 Wesley took Connor away to keep him safe, an act where Angel saw it as betrayal and so banished him from the agency. Conner was kidnapped and brought up in a dark dimension, he then came back as a teen determined on destroying Angel. Conner ended up on locking his father into a box and throwing it into the ocean, were Angel languished at the end of the last seriers

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