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Angel is a spin off from Buffy... this is the story so far!!!

    Angel left Sunnydale to start a new life because his love for Buffy was getting in the way of her slaying .So he decided to go to L.A and thats when he met up with a half demon called Doyle and together they started to save people from all kinds of different things  Demons to just down right nasty people.
     Doyle got visions of people in danger and Angel would try his hardest to save them all. It started off as just the two of them until one day Angel bumped into cordelia, she moved to L.A to start an acting career but it didn't work out.  So when she saw Angel was in town she started to work with him to Fight for the Greater Good..As time went on people joined the members and made it into a successful business but like everything they had there problems too because along the way they lost members in horrific accident...Doyle being one !!!

Actor/Acresses                     Birthdays                      Characters parts
David Boreanza....................( May 16th ).............Angel
Charisima Carpenter..........( july 23rd )...............Cordelia
J.august Richards................( Aug28th )...............Gunn
Alexis Denisof.....................( feb 25th )..............Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Amy Acker...........................( Dec 5th )................Fred
Vincent Kartheiser ...........( April 5th ).................Conner

 This is Angel, Doyle and Cordelia the first members of the team !!!!



In memory of Doyle ( he'll be truly missed by all )!!!

       Doyle died by saving some demons in danger, it was so sad for Angel and Cordy to witness but before Doyle ended his life he kissed Cordy which passed his visions to her so he could keep the good of helping others in need going forever ..

Angel played by

After three years in Sunnydale, Angel moved to LA to start his own detective agency and become a 'Champion' for the powers that be the chief adversary of the demonic law firm called Wolfram & Hart. He flirts with his dark side occasionally, first over Dara then over the kidnapping of his infant son Conner, then it turned to Conner's affair with 'auntie' Cordelia. Finally he goes head to head with Angelus in a drug-induced vision which might finally lay the dark side to dust..

Cordelia played by

Cordelia arrived in LA an unemployed actress, and quickly made herself Angel Investigations office manager and bill collector. Since inheriting Doyle's visions, she has had an impressive super-natural career. She's been a Pylean Princess, a part demon prophet, a Higher Power and the mother of a Goddess. Cordy's also held the key to Angel's heart,until she start messing around with Angels son Conner. She was last see in a supernatural coma, after giving birth to Jasmine.

Wesley played by

     Once an inert watcher and rogue demon hunter, Wesley has had varied careers with Angel Investigations. When Angel goes of the deep end over Dara, Wesley becomes the boss until he misinterprets a prophecy and kidnaps Angel's son Conner. Banished from Angel Investigations he goes of the rails and starts flirting with bad girl Lilah. Wesley works his way back to being good by saving Angel from Conner's box and finding ways to fight the Beast!

Gunn played by

    Leader of a street gang of vampire and demon hunters, Gunn had to kill his own sister when she was turned into a vampire. Since leaving his gang to help Angel fight for the greater good, he's had to learn that not all demons are evil and not all humans are good; Gunn's also had to learn how to get on with Wesley because they've both got there eye's set on the same lady (Fred). His experience and street smarts ways make him much more than mere 'muscle'. His visit to the White Room at Wolfram & Hart may promise that a different role is in store for him.

Angel and Cordelia

These are the members of the team at present .. from left to right  Fred , Wesley , Angel , Cordelia and Gunn !!!!!


Kate ( Detective)

    An undercover detective, Kate formed an alliance with Angel at first but she was totally freaked to hear that he was a vampire and blamed him for her fathers death as he was killed by a vampire. Kate threatened to kill Angel when he protected Faith from arrest, she also became really obsessed with the supernatural goes on and got fired from the police force. She tried to commit suicide but Angel saved her and that was the turning point for them both.


The green singing machine left his native Pylea because there was no music there. He is the owner and host of a demon nightclub until Angel and his friends burn the place down once too often. After his trip back to Pylea which reminds him on why he left, Lorne moves to Vegas for a while, but returns to the hyperion in time to be surrogate uncle to Conner, he also reads people's minds at critical moments, offers warm fuzzies, supernatural advice and cool music.

Fred played by

     Angel rescued Fred from a cave in Pylea, where she had been hiding from slavery. She has blossomed into an essential member of the team while using her scientific ways, also her ability to kick butt while looking like a meek little nerd. She chooses Gunn's love over Wesley's, causing an awkward triangle, but her relationship with Gunn is rocked with guilt when she and Gunn take revenge on the  professor who sent her to Pylea. Fred is the first to recognise Jasmine's true nature and to discover how to free her friends from Jasmine's spell.

Conner played by "Vincent Kartheis
Angels (Son)

    As time went by Angel had a child to Darla, but he got kidnap when he was a baby and taken into a time warp so when he returned he was a young man that had hatred for Angel because thats the way he was brought up by one of Angels enemies, so on return he came back with a mission to kill Angel. Wesley betrayed Angel so no one has anything to do with him now and Fred goes out with Gunn and Angel has feelings for Cordy who is now half demon. What happens next we don't know but let's hope its something good we will have to wait for next season...

Lilah employed at Wolfram & Hart

Lilah has been involved in every kind of Wolfram & Hart mayhem, having Drusilla sire Darla again, and sleeping with Wesley. When W&H was devastated by the Beast. Lilah took refuge at the Hyperion only to be murdered by Cordelia. She now serves W&H in the afterlife.

Good Girls ( Drusilla & Darla )

Bad Girls ( Drusilla & Darla as Vampires)

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